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Geoscience is integrated into drilling services

Cheat time, go offline. Test your BOP offline

We have solutions and methodologies to move activities off the critical path  



Drilling system automation and integrated operations; quicker response and faster decision when it matters the most            


Remove your personnel from harm’s way.      



Lost in Hole?

Do not suffer it in silence, much can be prevented and there are mitigations to reduce impact of the loss/damage. There are alternatives to wireline-deployed drillstring severance or uncertain driller’s backing off. Or, use our downhole power tool to apply pull on the stuck string without rig or string limitation.

Geosciences solutions are available from our team from our array of geohazard prevention services.

Tools & Equipment Services Real-Time Support Drilling Performance Improvement Technology Qualification Deployment Technical Training
Drilling services and brokerage, We only provide modern high-tech drilling rigs; innovative and technically challenging drilling units engineered for performance improvement.. A multidisciplinary solution that reduces well planning cycle time, improves accuracy, and support safer well drilling. It ensures accurate, real-time well placement and ...

Geoscience is integrated into drilling services.

Cheat time, go offline. Test your BOP offline.

We have solutions and methodologies ...

Drilling technology innovation advisory 

HP/HT? We got a firm grip

e-safety: Innovative Technologies in Safety ...

Eclipse Energy will provide skilled professionals to strengthen your operations. Our training and development team facilities competency-based  ...
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