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We complement our rich operational experience with state-of-the-art analytical programs and simulation to solve complex challenges. We burst the myths and shatter the mysteries under which others hide their incapability. 



We implement tasks related to design and drilling of directional, horizontal, multilateral wells, and sidetracking while cluster well drilling. Many of our work processes and task for cluster well drilling had been automated allowing for wellpath design and trajectory control while drilling. It therefore affords our clients considerable reduction in time spent on execution of a number of technical procedures.





Magnetic ranging                                                       Sag management

Error modeling                                             Anti-collision analysis and monitoring

Milling modeling                                         Drillstring mechanics and modal analysis

Relief well engineering
Simplex services
Advanced directional drilling Forensic survey analyses Drilling simulation and optimization Wells management Effective well planning
Rock mechanical interactions with drillstring material components in three-dimensional dynamic modeling offer ...

Investigation of missed targets or unidentified wellbore collision

wellbore placement
new survey creation ...

Advanced Drilling Optimization (ADO) Services customized for

BHA optimization, vibration mitigation, Hydraulics and ...

Data management, 3D visualization and integrated real-time drilling solutions

We offer the full privilege of providing the highest ...

Cost-effective well plans with shorter planning cycles are designed by integrating subsurface interpretations in a shared 3D visualization environment.

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