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Specialist knowledge company

Integrated geosciences
and wells consultancy
Simplex & Geomerit; and so much more values…
Knowledge-based services in drilling and innovative technology applications;
independent directional drilling expertise
Designer Wells and BHAs
Drilling Simulation & Optimization
The meeting point of geoscience and drilling engineering
Geomodeling Solutions

Express Digital Core Analysis
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Tools & Equipment Services Real-Time Support Drilling Performance Improvement Technology Qualification Deployment Technical Training
Drilling services and brokerage, We only provide modern high-tech drilling rigs; innovative and technically challenging drilling units engineered for performance improvement.. A multidisciplinary solution that reduces well planning cycle time, improves accuracy, and support safer well drilling. It ensures accurate, real-time well placement and ...

Geoscience is integrated into drilling services.

Cheat time, go offline. Test your BOP offline.

We have solutions and methodologies ...

Drilling technology innovation advisory 

HP/HT? We got a firm grip

e-safety: Innovative Technologies in Safety ...

Eclipse Energy will provide skilled professionals to strengthen your operations. Our training and development team facilities competency-based  ...
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